Testimonials and Impact

A selection of feedback from the 2019 Annual Child Abuse Prevention Conference

I loved attending this conference. The venue was beautiful, the food was delicious, and the key note speakers were phenomenal! Please continue these conferences.

This conference changed my life! I am a 30 year teacher that works with a high risk population […] I was feeling hopeless and worn out […] Laura van Dernoot Lipsky saved my life! I have renewed energy and hope and feel good about what I am doing once again. The meal was fantastic, the flutist was fantastic and loved Dr. Yellowman. Thank you for an amazing experience in every way!

The conference was wonderful and I enjoyed all of the speakers. I was starstruck by Laura van Dernoot Lipsky as I have read her book (that I won at your last event ) and watched her TED Talk. She seems even more intelligent and quick-[witted] in person. I love the trauma wheel she handed out. In addition I enjoyed Bahney and Pearl’s sessions and the awards ceremony was fabulous as always. I think you all did a wonderful job accommodating the huge attendance and checking everyone in on-time (way to go volunteers!).

This conference was the best conference I have attended in my 30+ years in the field of Social Work in Arizona. It was HIGHLY VALUABLE.
What I appreciated was:

  1. The presenters – especially the morning and the luncheon keynote speakers
  2. The healing flute music, the positive feedback and the awards to all those amazing colleagues in the community who are doing such great work.
  3. The food was amazing.
  4. I walked away with some solid ideas of how to work with all people with trauma and how to care for myself while I do the work that I love.

The conference was AMAZING- high valuable ++Beautifully executed…

I have been attending this conference for the last 8 years and it gets better every year!  This year I feel like the guest speakers were not only wonderful but their topics were just what I was wanting to learn more about.  You do a great job of keeping us in the north land aware of the national movements.  Thank you!  I will continue educating myself on both Laura and [Pearl’s] topics.  I really feel like I learned a great deal and was given the [resources] to find out more about all that was covered.

I found the entire conference to be highly valuable. There was a very good flow of topics from Laura talking about secondary trauma, to Dr. Yellowman’s lunch presentation about getting below the surface, to Bahney’s talk on the Neurosequential model, and Dr. Yellowman’s 2nd talk about historical trauma and connecting with native families. The conference was very pertinent to my job as a teacher and filled in more information about child trauma and the brain. I would highly recommend the conference to anyone who works with children, has children or deals with trauma on a daily basis.

I attend a lot of training events, etc. and the CAP conference last week was AMAZING.

The conference was Highly Valuable—both from a learning perspective and a networking opportunity. The information shared was terrific and the presenters were very engaging.

I was impressed with the morning speaker—she was funny and thoughtful.  Your luncheon was lovely—nice balance of information, food, fun, and awards.  The lunch presenter was amazing.  As you know I am sure, awards lunches can be deadly boring if you don’t know any of the awardees, but this just the right length of time and introduction of people doing some amazing things up north.

I wanted to start this mail with a big thank you. My wife and I just getting to the end of the process for getting our Foster Care License. So we do not work in the industry per se. I will tell you that I was thoroughly impressed with everything about the conference. The speakers imparted some holistic approaches to the issues that they were speaking about. I know that I feel like this is a very success and outcome driven field, and I very much appreciated everyone who was at the conference!

As soon as I saw the presenter was Laura van Dernoot Lipsky, I registered and paid myself since I didn’t want to risk lack of funding […] I am so glad I did!! She is amazing. I’ve ordered The Age of Overwhelm and joined the email for the Trauma Stewardship Institute. Speaking with a colleague who also attended, she describes it as life changing – and she is sincere!! I also enjoyed Dr. Yellowman’s presentation and carry the images she created with an more enlightened consciousness. Hunter RedDay and his magic flute is positively spiritual. I am interested in learning more about the Neurosequential Model. I would identify the conference as highly valuable.

Year after year, I can count on the coalition to provide incredibly valuable learning opportunities with diverse, experienced, and knowledgeable presenters leading the field. The conference is well organized and structured, taking into account the broad range of professionals and backgrounds present. Truly an asset to the Northern Arizona community at large and revitalizing for the helping professionals serving our families and youth.

Thank you for the opportunity to attend the CCC&Y prevention conference.  It was highly valuable to me as a LPC in the Flagstaff community.  The programming was relevant and immediately useful to my practice.  I very much appreciated the focus on Trauma Stewardship that normalized self-care for the field.  The community connections made at this particular conference are invaluable.  These connections remind me that I am not alone in my work and strengthen me both personally and professionally.  Thank you for the time, energy, passion, and thought that CCC&Y puts into the conference every year.  […]  Thank you again for this invaluable time together at the CAP conference.  It really was one of the best trainings I’ve experienced in the past twelve months.

Overall, this event was magnificent!  Much of the information was not only interesting but highly relevant for not only my personal benefit but also for those whom I serve as a trauma therapist.  I gained helpful insight around how to both care for my own healthy state of well-being and that of my client to ensure resilience, strength and recovery.

It felt really unifying and hopeful to have so many people/professionals in our community (not just in mental health) come to the conference.  It was clear that you all were prepared for large numbers and the flow of everything went great. I thought Laura was quite incredible.  I loved how she engaged the audience in conversation as the main way of sharing the information.  I am pretty familiar with her work and still had several brand new and important insights from seeing her speak. I also really value Dr. Yellowman’s knowledge and way of being.  I definitely am interested in hearing from her in a deeper and longer capacity.

I am SO GLAD to see the CCC&Y conference step up with some great speakers and presentations this year! Laura was amazing and well needed. The timing couldn’t have been better (sadly). Many of us in the field feel the burn out and having someone like that come, provide validation, ideas, resources, and support is huge. The size of the event and having so many colleagues in one place at one time was amazing. It was highly valuable.


I would say [agency name] are members for two reasons. First, as a youth serving organization it connects us with others in the community and keeps us informed of issues that are impacting the youth of Coconino County. The second reason is to support the coalitions efforts. As a membership organization, we understand that active involvement is critical for our ongoing success and impact.

I am a Coalition member because I believe in the power of collaboration! I am also thrilled with the vision and leadership you are bringing to the organization. Keep up the good work!

I enjoyed your presentation this past Thursday at the [Child Abuse Prevention] CAP statewide meeting. I am so impressed by how much the Coconino Coalition for Children and Youth accomplishes with so little staff, quite a testimonial to the power of volunteers.
Sandy LaCava, Community Development Manager, Southwest Human Development

With the help of the Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth; the Northern Arizona Association for Realtors contributed so many needed outreach items today it took 10 people to unload their vehicle. And when they left they were going shopping for more families!!
Northland Family Help Center’s FaceBook Post

Thanks for your help; I know I was pushing timelines. I just heard you on Community Radio the other day, which is what inspired my searching your site. Nice job supporting community.
Bonni Dumdei, Owner, Flagstaff School of Music

Thanks again for the wonderful opportunity! It has already enriched my monthly group connections and my home visits.
Pearl Rawls, ChildLight Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship Recipient, Parenting Arizona

FUSD is very proud to be a partner of Coconino Coalition for Children and Youth and are grateful for the amazing work that you do in informing the community of the wonderful things happening in public schools and events benefiting students and their families.
Karin Eberhard, FUSD District Relations Coordinator

Congratulations Ruth Ellen on the great attendance during yesterday’s Annual Child Abuse/neglect Luncheon!
John DeStefano, Administrative Services Office, Arizona Department of Child Safety

Thanks for keeping me updated and thanks for making it easy to weigh in.
Kerry Blume, Community Member, Advocate

I just want to thank you again for the excellent workshop. The content validates our work in home visiting. All home visiting staff who attended also enjoyed the workshop.
Teresa Honahni, M.S.W., Regional Manager, CPLC-Parenting Arizona

WOW! This is absolutely a page I can send someone to for information. Nice job everyone. (commenting on the new Parent Toolkit web page)
Julianne Hartzell, Community Member, Board Member

Didn’t have a chance to say hello at the very active lunch. I appreciate all the new information I received, serious food for thought. Thank you for everything you are working on for all our families. We are very fortunate that you are so knowledgeable and energetic. (Email sent to a CCC&Y Board Member)
Mary Kuzell-Babbitt, Community Member

Thank you for all your help! Just arrived home in Texas. Great trip, and a phenomenal workshop! Well worth the time, effort and energy! Can’t wait for the next workshop. Excited to complete certification and get the ball rolling!!
Sandy Miller, Child Light Yoga Teacher Training Attendee from Texas




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