Igniting Collective Action

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Managing Emotions- Yours and Children

First we learn to understand our emotions and then we can understand and respond to the big emotional responses of children. These videos are meant to help support our community.  Having the tools to take care of ourselves and respond to children, is a great resource....

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Thank You Partners (Community Voice)

The Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth would like to announce the completion of our Vitalyst Health Foundation Spark grant project: Igniting Self-Healing Communities.  The Spark grant was used to collect community voice, and we are now transitioning in...

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Thriving Families

This quick overview video is a great starting place for parents, caregivers and community members brand new to topics such as brain development, adverse childhood experiences, resilience and mindfulness.  It is a great jumping off place to go deeper in knowledge and...

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CCC&Y Awarded Vitalyst Health Foundation Grant

The Coconino Coalition would like to announce our gratitude to the Vitalyst Health Foundation for CCC&Y's selection as a Spark Grant Awardee. We thank the expert partners on this project, who are helping to guide the process: Kevin Campbell, international child...

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2021 Conference: Finding My Strength; Hope in Connection

  We are back!!  2021 Conference tickets on sale now!!  We are so excited to FINALLY host this highly anticipated and exciting event!! Please see our full program and event details.  We our proud to host amazing speakers and content. For example, get to know our...

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