Comprehensive Analysis of Historical Trauma

Apr 25, 2021 | Webinars

These webinars to go deeper into understanding trauma and healing especially concerning historical experience. This training further takes into account current issues and experiences. There is no charge for these webinars, but we do ask that you consider sharing with others and complete both surveys.

Iya Affo, Heal Historical Trauma

“I was in awe of how informative this training was and how knowledgeable the speaker was about the topic at hand.”

“Visuals, quotes, and taking a look at this topic both big picture and with specific details. Thank you for helping continuing the learning and growing!”

“Stories, her calm voice pulled me in, tremendous knowledge, relating topic to COVID-19 and current events”

“I appreciated the historical information, cultural focus, research and the weaving of these aspects together. The inclusion of perspectives given current events was powerful. The sharing of personal experiences was beneficial as well.”

Watch WebinarHistorical Trauma, Part A

Watch WebinarHistorical Trauma, Part B