Commonly Asked Questions

Below are common questions we have received as individuals are beginning to learn more about CCC&Y.

What is the Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth?

Since 1972, the Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth has led the movement for trauma prevention, advocacy, and education in Coconino County, Arizona.

We bring together families, leaders, policymakers, and providers to create better lives for children & families in our community.

What do you do?

We provide leadership, education, and advocacy for our Coconino County communities, responding to childhood trauma and inequity.

You’ll find us offering meaningful education programming to the community, educating elected officials, bringing stakeholders together in community, securing grants for local needs, and so much more in service of our mission: to ignite collective action that creates better lives for children and families.

What does it mean to ignite collective action?

We’re sparking a movement that creates better lives for children & families.

At CCC&Y, we provide service-oriented leadership, meaningful education, and advocacy that protects and strengthens the people we serve. As we offer these resources, we see our community ignited: stronger, more resilient, and unified to take transformative action.

Why is your work so important?

Too many families in Coconino County face staggering injustices. Mental, physical, and spiritual trauma are facts of everyday life, made worse by generational poverty and trauma. The systems that should provide relief are often ineffectual and overwhelmed; at their worst, they’re racist and demeaning. And in our largely rural community, issues like food inequity, education access, and healthcare provision are intensified by structures of power that often look past folks outside metro areas.

CCC&Y is focused on acknowledging the effects of generational trauma and an unequal system – and filling the gap with bold, innovative, and respectful service to the community.

Who does CCC&Y serve?

CCC&Y serves every family and child in Coconino County.

From downtown Flagstaff to Lake Powell, from Havasupai land to Tuba City, we believe that everyone deserves a trauma-free future.

How can I get involved?

You can make a difference for our communities by becoming a member of the Coalition.

We ask our members to lend your name and support to this movement, sign up for our newsletter, and follow CCC&Y on social media.

You can make a bigger impact by sharing information with your community, voting, attending events and even sitting on a Coalition committee.