Get Involved

Working Together for Positive Change

Informed and energized community members come together to solve problems, impact policy, and create solutions that allow every person to realize their full potential. It takes all of us working together to start making changes for our children and future generations.

There are many ways for you to become educated, support your community, and otherwise get involved.


Through our webinars and research we are providing you the tools to understand the personal and systemic injustices that disconnect communities, create trauma, and limit our shared potential. With awareness you can begin to make change in your sphere of influence, but change starts with understanding.


Participating in our committees is another way to get involved. Some attend the monthly meetings and some get notified of updates. You can learn more about the committee work.

Throughout the year we may have events you may wish to join such as our annual conference, professional development opportunities, trainings and self-care events. You can also sign up for our  newsletter, see our blog and follow us on social media for updates.

Helping the Community

You or someone you know may need assistance. For this reason we have compiled community resource directories to help provide support.

Lastly, supporting this work can be as simple as adding your name as a member of the Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth or by contributing as a donor.

Getting involved in any of the above ways helps ignite collective action that focuses on root causes and systemic solutions, proactively and boldly taking on challenges with an innovative and inclusive mindset.

We encourage you to join us!