Igniting Collective Action: Moving Beyond ACEs

Apr 23, 2021 | Webinars

Imagine a community in which the effects of childhood trauma are clearly understood, the impact of inequitable experience is acknowledged, and people are aligned toward creating equitable access to assets and protective factors that support positive life outcomes. This hour-long training explores the roadmap to creating change at the community and system level by using the findings of both leadership research and today’s thought leaders.

Virginia Watahomigie, Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth

“Well done yet again; you have flung open my heart & now I can head into my change leadership work in the right alignment; heart & head”

“Thank You… there was so much in this presentation. I’m proud of CCC&Y…”

“This training was truly amazing and can be used no matter your walk in life…I hope that everyone and anyone takes advantage of this presentation. It really can make a difference.”

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