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CCC&Y’s team of committed and knowledgeable individuals is driven by purpose and mission.

Virginia Watahomigie

Virginia Watahomigie

Executive Director


Virginia, who joined CCC&Y in September 2016, earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology (minor in Family Studies) and a Master’s degree in Administration (Leadership Emphasis) from Northern Arizona University. She additionally holds certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She served as a program director in Southern Arizona for Arizona Children’s Association (AzCA), where she was responsible for the agency’s Foster Care, Therapeutic Foster Care and ICPC (interstate compact) programs across five counties. The agency is the oldest and largest Child Welfare/Behavioral Health organization in the state of Arizona, with services in every county. Virginia began her career working directly with youth in AzCA’s residential treatment center before moving into the foster care program where she held several positions prior to that of Program Director. While in Tucson, she additionally served as Student Success Coordinator for a small district of charter schools, a new position she helped develop, to support high school youth obtaining entry to college. Virginia is the proud mother of a daughter who is a dual major in animal science and communications at Cornell University.

Frank Moraga

Frank Moraga

Parent and Community Outreach Coordinator


Frank Moraga has extensive experience in the communications, education, and nonprofit sectors, most recently serving as director of special projects for Shooting Star Communications LLC, based in Flagstaff. This follows a career in the newspaper industry in Southern California where he progressed from being an environmental/community/business reporter to business editor, director of diversity and general manager of a Hispanic-serving publication. In Northern Arizona, he has been part of website development and marketing efforts for such local nonprofits and community-serving organizations as Flagstaff Communicators, Flagstaff Nuestras Raíces and the Coconino County Hispanic Advisory Council (CHAC). He has co-taught classes in communications and leadership at Coconino Community College and helped launch and raise funds for a communications scholarship program for youth and taught summer and other high school workshops on communications for at-risk youth. In his position, Frank is connecting with parents, community members, and providers about current, critical issues impacting students and informing and engaging stakeholders around Arizona’s education system.

Executive Committee of the Board

Peter Van Wyck, BA

Regional Director, First Things First


“Serving on the CCC&Y Board allows me to have a direct, tangible impact on children throughout Coconino. With CCC&Y we can strengthen and develop our community while also improving the lives of our youth and their families.”

Jennifer Hernandez

Project Manager, Center for the Future of Arizona


“It is an honor to serve on the board of the Coconino Coalition for Children and Youth, which for decades, has demonstrated leadership in coordinating community conversations, events and public education that promotes the wellbeing of families and advocates for positive change for our children and youth.”

Theresa Kulpinski

Program Manager for Coconino County Health & Human Services


“From high school to the present, I have been working with children in different roles – coach, teacher, mentor, mom, and believe through a collective effort, we can improve the health of our community and our families. As a CCC&Y board member, advocating for the connection of resources throughout the county, decreasing barriers to accessing quality childcare, education, food, and jobs, helps give families security knowing their children will grow into healthy, productive adults.”

Andrea Meronuck, MA, LPC, SEP

Clinical Director, Northland Family Help Center


“I serve with CCC&Y because the coalition is a place where the community can come together and explore a shared passion for the wellbeing of children in the county, and take action toward our collective goals of a thriving community. Together we are able to creatively make space for efforts toward healing what needs to be healed, and as well as make space for growing a greater experience of safety, prosperity, connection, confidence, and joy in the youth of our community.”

Jacelyn Salabye, MSW

Native Americans for Community Action

Member at Large

“My heart lies in advocating for children, youth and families, helping by giving these individuals a voice. Through CCCY I am able to come together with like minds to initiate positive change in the community to see healthy, thriving and successful youth.”

Kimberly Sevier, MA

Children’s System of Care Clinical Program Specialist, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

Member at Large

“I have a passion for supporting and working with the youth that have challenges in our community. Being on the CCC&Y board allows for community member engagement working together to provide our youth with the opportunities needed to increase their chances in becoming successful young adults.”

Board of Directors

Heather Marcy

Deputy Director, Northland Family Help Center

“It is a privilege to be part of the CCC&Y Board as I align with their methodology for creating systemic change. I am passionate about equity, advocacy, and capacity building. Throughout my career I have worked with local non-profits that serve vulnerable families, individuals, and children and look froward to advancing the mission and vision of the CCC&Y.”

Laura Rosensweet, M.Ed

Community Impact Manager, Education Forward AZ

“My entire career has been spent helping our most vulnerable youth be connected to education and services through my work as a teacher in behavior intervention.  I’m excited to serve on the CCC&Y board and work with the community to support families and kids in living their best lives.”

Kimberlie Geile-Gonzalez

Retired Educator, REALTOR

“I truly believe children are our best hope for the future. I taught elementary students for over 20 years and have seen children and families struggle with adverse situations. CCC&Y provides a voice in the community for those who have no voice. I am looking forward to working with a coalition that provides opportunities to help children and families thrive and grow.”

Ophelia Goatson, MSW

Program Supervisor, CPLC Parenting Arizona

“My passion and heart has always been dedicated to families and children, and the mission of my work has lived in empowering and educating to create healthy communities. CCC&Y aligns with my personal goals to advocate for families and children.”

Sandra (Sandy) Diehl, J.D.

Coconino County Public Defender

“I have spent my entire career working with and for children and families in Coconino County. CCC&Y has a long history of educating, supporting and engaging our community in ways that enhance the abilities of our citizens and families to lead happy, healthy and productive lives. I am appreciative of the work that CCC&Y does each and every day.”

Completion of full terms and retired from board service since 2016

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Peggy Sheldon- Scurlock
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