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Please see below for a full library of recorded webinars- free to view.  Your support in completing the accompanying surveys will help us report for our contracts.  Additionally, by leaving an email you will receive a training certificate.

We created this hour-long webinar because the effects of childhood trauma play out both personally for individuals, but also, have tremendous costs for society.  There is much that society needs to acknowledge about the inequitable experiences of our community members, but also, there is much that all of us can do to mitigate these outcomes.  This introductory webinar sets the stage for much of our work and is a jumping off point for the webinars that go deeper below.  There is no charge for this webinar, but we do ask that you consider sharing with others and complete the survey.
Trainer: Virginia Watahomigie, Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth

“Though I am familiar with the topic of ACES, each time I participate in training, I learn something new. Your model of ACES presented a light of hope with interventions that can occur at each level.” “It was a great training and I look forward to more in the future.” “I am recommending this training to several folks…” “Thank you for providing amazing webinars…” “Very good training.” “this was critical information that we need now that we all are facing a critical situation.” 

These webinars to go deeper into understanding trauma and healing especially concerning historical experience.  This training further takes into account current issues and experiences. There is no charge for these webinars, but we do ask that you consider sharing with others and complete both surveys.
Trainer: Iya Affo, Heal Historical Trauma

“I was in awe of how informative this training was and how knowledgeable the speaker was about the topic at hand.” “Visuals, quotes, and taking a look at this topic both big picture and with specific details. Thank you for helping continuing the learning and growing!” “Stories, her calm voice pulled me in, tremendous knowledge, relating topic to COVID-19 and current events” “I appreciated the historical information, cultural focus, research and the weaving of these aspects together. The inclusion of perspectives given current events was powerful. The sharing of personal experiences was beneficial as well.”

We were joined by guests from all over the world for the recording of this webinar. As a testament to Kevin’s international work we had participants from England, Canada, the Netherlands, Belgium, Texas, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Arkansas, and of course, all over Arizona. This piece is an argument for moving away from treating individuals, community members and families as the “recipient” of services, from medicalizing unlivable lives, from not acknowledging systems of injustice and a move toward the scientifically-based call to action of participation, truth and community healing.

“This presentation is outstanding- thank you!” “Thank you for the space and conversation….this was excellent!” “I love Kevin Campbell’s approach and how it’s backed by stacks of research. I enjoyed the way it was presented.” “As someone that works for an Indigenous agency, I appreciated the perspective on moving towards a more Indigenous way of thinking for social services.” “I’m still mad at COVID, but having the chance to attend this training from across the country was incredible. I value any chance to listen to Kevin speak and share, and I’m so grateful to CCC&Y for doing this!” “I love how passionate Kevin is and how much knowledge he brings to his teachings” “It was a paradigm-shifting presentation. It re-framed my thinking about serving families.”

Imagine a community in which the effects of childhood trauma are clearly understood, the impact of inequitable experience is acknowledged, and people are aligned toward creating equitable access to assets and protective factors that support positive life outcomes. This hour-long training explores the roadmap to creating change at the community and system level by using the findings of both leadership research and today’s thought leaders.

Trainer: Virginia Watahomigie, Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth

“Well done yet again; you have flung open my heart & now I can head into my change leadership work in the right alignment; heart & head” “Thank You… there was so much in this presentation.  I’m proud of CCC&Y…” “This training was truly amazing and can be used no matter your walk in life…I hope that everyone and anyone takes advantage of this presentation. It really can make a difference.”

We created this hour-long webinar due to the importance mindfulness holds for both individuals and for those we are working with.  There is much healing to be had, mindful choices to be made, and support to our community.  There is no charge for this webinar, but we do ask that you consider sharing with others and completing the survey.  Trainer: Rene RedDay, Building Community

“I felt better immediately at the beginning of the training!” “Mindfulness is an important part of daily operations! We need to remember to take time for ourselves. I love the acronyms and will share with my NAU students!!!!” “I found the training to be very relevant at this time in our lives.” “It was fantastic.” “I enjoyed the realness of the presentation. The woman not only shared her knowledge but she shared her personal feelings/view/methods/insights which really made it feel more personal rather than just a webinar.”

This 45 min webinar empowers youth and young adults with information to grow, heal, thrive and/or otherwise flourish. We are also inviting youth to find ways to become a leader in our community. Trainer: Rene RedDay, Building Community

“The course was great and I feel like I learned insightful information that will help me in the near future.” “The down to earth and realness of the presenter.”
What did you enjoy about this training? “the part where we got to relax” “everything” “learning more about mindfulness”

We hosted this 1.5 hour webinar to ensure we look through a strength-based framework that is evidence-based, supports families and is prevention focused.  This is for the community, as well as, professionals.  Trainer: Claire Louge, Prevention Child Abuse Arizona

“I was so surprised that I could use the information in a lot of work that I do and not just with youth and families. It is truly amazing how it related to just every day life. It was great!!” “The reminders to look for strengths in everyone, even yourself.” “Presenter was engaging! Expressive!” “Appreciated the new perspective on the the protective factors from the trainer. Good examples and activities.” “Great work, one of my favorite presenters!”

This important 1 hour long webinar is an exploration of the causes and effects of bullying that is research based, connects the issue to both childhood trauma and later substance use and most importantly, helps the audience to understand what can be done to mitigate and create climates that prevent bullying. Trainer: Bradley Snyder, Dion Initiative for Child Well-Being and Bullying Prevention

Excellent presentation. I learned so much — I thought I knew what bullying was but boy was I wrong.” “Very clear, concise, empirically based presentation. Very succinct and not too long. Terrific presenter. Also, knowing what DOES NOT WORK was very helpful.” “I am now more informed of how to develop a team at school in order to establish an evidence based school wide policy that will be effective in managing bulling as well as how to address bullying with my students.” “Brad did a fantastic job in his presentation. He was knowledgeable and provided a continuous offering of excellent facts and information.”

For further research and data related childhood trauma, resiliency, substance use and statistics for Coconino County please read our assessment.

This report sets the stage for a unique road map for using trauma-informed and adverse childhood experience knowledge as a prevention plan.  The research field contains much information about the effects of childhood experience on later outcomes, but this report uniquely uses that knowledge, especially what is known about developing resiliency, and puts it to use in the prevention field.

We can no longer say- this is not my problem.  The effects of childhood trauma have tremendous costs to society, and it is imperative that we develop the understanding of why and what can be done.  We must begin developing ways in our own sphere of influence to help.



Prevention April 15, 2020