Candidate Questionnaire 2020

Oct 20, 2020 | Projects

CCC&Y’s Action and Outreach Committee has developed a candidate questionnaire for Candidates impacting our County.  Our intent is to inform voters, provide them with perspective on candidate views, their role as an elected official, and their position as a potential advocate representing the children, youth, and families of Coconino County.

Candidates have been given an initial date of 9-23-20 to turn in their response.  Should candidates choose to participate, their entire response will be posted here in the order received (by office) beginning September 23, 2020.  If they choose NOT to respond; their response will be missing below.  Candidates have been encouraged to participate as early as possible in order to support an informed voting population and to help support the go-live date of 9-23-20.



US Senator

Martha McSally
Mark Kelly
Edward Davida (Write-In)
John Schiess (Write-In)
Debbie Simmons (Write-In) *no email found
Mohammad “Mike Obama” Arif (Write-In)
Adam Chilton (Write-In) *no email found
Buzz Stewart (Write-In) *no email found
Matthew “Doc” Dorchester (Write-In)
Christopher Beckett (Write-In)
Nicholas N. Glenn (Write-In)
Benjamin Rodriguez (Write-In) *no email found

US Representative- District 1

Tiffany Shedd
Tom O’Halleran


Corporation Commission

Lea Marquez Peterson
James “Jim” O’Connor
Eric Sloan
William “Bill” Mundell
Anna Tovar
Patrick Finerd (Write-In)

Arizona State Senate — District 6

Wendy Rogers
Felicia French

Arizona State Representative — District 6

Brenda Barton

Arizona State Senate — District 7

Jamescita Peshlakai

Arizona State Representative — District 7

David Peelman
Arlando Teller
Myron Tsosie


Board of Supervisors

District One

Paul Mock

District Two

District Three

Matt Ryan
Byron Peterson

District Four

Judy Begay
Bob Thorpe

District Five

Lena Fowler

Other County Offices

Assessor- Armando Ruiz
Attorney- Bill Ring
Recorder- Patty Hansen
Sheriff- Jim Driscoll
Superintendent of Schools- Tommy Lewis
Treasurer- Sarah Benatar


Flagstaff – Mayor

Flagstaff – Council


No General Election Candidates


No General Election Candidates

Tusayan – Council

Greg Brush
Joshua Collet

Williams – Council

Craig Fritsinger
Dawn Trapp


Find and contact your current legislators, voter information and more, Expect More Arizona

County Voting Resources:  Coconino County Elections

Children’s Action Alliance: 2020 Legistrative Candidate Questionnaires