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Connections Spotlight — CCC&Y seeks to connect community with help through variety of resource guides

COCONINO COUNTY — Whether it’s connecting families with local representatives from the Coconino County Health & Human Services’ Women’s, Infants and Children (WIC) program, to helping foster care families learn about potential scholarship programs for their youth, resource guides provide a valuable assistance to residents throughout Coconino County and Northern Arizona.

To spread the word about these valuable information options, CCC&Y has compiled a listing and link to a variety of resource guides throughout the region including CCC&Y’s created Page/Fredonia and Tuba City resource guides and the recently updated Williams Area Community Resource Guide.

Do you have a new or updated resource guide you would like to add to our listing posting? Please send an email to frank@coconinokids.org

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Child Abuse Prevention Month (April 2019) kicks off with official City of Flagstaff proclamation

Variety of events planned throughout region including walk in Tuba City on April 4, Field of Hope dedication ceremony on April 5 in Flagstaff.

Child Abuse Prevention Month kicked off in April with the reading of the official proclamation by the City of Flagstaff at its regular City Council meeting on Tuesday, April 2, 2019.

The proclamation was presented to CCC&Y Executive Director Virginia Watahomigie by members of the Flagstaff City Council and Mayor Coral Evans.

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