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Connection Spotlight — CCC&Y provides variety of free online training including ‘Thriving Families’

The Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth provides a variety of free online training programs for parents, caregivers and all community members.

Our free Thriving Families webinar is a great starting place for parents, caregivers and community members brand new to the topics such as brain development, adverse childhood experiences, resilience and mindfulness.  It is a great jumping off place to go deeper in knowledge and support through the rest of our library of webinars.

With thousands of views across our various topics, we are sure there is something for all community members and professionals.  Whether you are seeking the best info for your family, your community or a program you work for, get a taste for our research supported prevention and community work.

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Connections Spotlight — CCC&Y Participates in 2022 Juneteenth Celebration

A couple of pre-monsoon season downpours didn’t dampen the spirits of participants of the 2022 Juneteenth Celebration held Saturday, June 18 at the Flagstaff Murdoch Center.

The event featured musical performances, food, games, arts, crafts and information booths including Building Community, Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth, Coconino Community College, Coconino County including its African Diaspora Advisory Council and Coconino Hispanic Advisory Council (CHAC) diversity councils, Flagstaff Police Dept., Friends of Flagstaff Future, Northland Family Health Center, Northern Arizona University and North Country Healthcare.

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Connections Spotlight — Unusual Suspects

So, I know this girl. She is twelve years old. She lives in a loving home. She made friends with neighborhood kids. Kids who had lived through much turbulence and instability on their road to adolescence. One day, this girl decided not to go to school and instead spent her day at the mall without the intent of returning home that night. When three in the afternoon rolls around, this girl is not home. Her mom starts wondering where she is. Mom calls the girl’s phone- no answer. She called the bus barn to see if her child was on the bus, but the driver had left for the day. So, mom waits. After a short period, mom starts calling around friends’ houses. No one had seen or heard from the girl.

By 6 p.m., mom calls the police to share her daughter is missing.

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Connections Spotlight — 50 years strong and still supporting children, youth and their families!!

As the Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, we wanted to share this new video that highlights our Mission, Vision, Programs and Goals for 2022.

CCC&Y works by bringing together:

Informed and energized community members who come together to solve problems, impact policy, and create solutions that allow every person to realize their full potential.

Did you know:

56.3 percent of Coconino County 8th graders have witnessed another punched, kicked, choked or beaten up — AYS 2018
In Coconino County, 1,210 youth experienced 5 or more adverse childhood experiences — AZ ACE Consortium, 2019
…From 2014-2018, alcohol killed 89 percent more residents than motor vehicle accidents — Coconino County
Research shows increased adverse childhood experiences increases substance use risk
See how protective factors and pathways for developing resiliency can help improve outcomes in Coconino County for families and youth.

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Connections Spotlight — CCC&Y celebrates 50th anniversary with variety of programs to support families, community members

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary of service in Northern Arizona, the Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth stands ready in 2022 to help connect families and community members with a number of options, including free educational resources, training programs for our partners and members, monthly virtual youth open mic sessions, city resource guides, calendars of upcoming family events and a variety of programs offered by our more than 100 individual and nonprofit members.

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Connections Spotlight — CCC&Y Executive Director Virginia Watahomigie honored with the Marcia Stanton Award by the Arizona ACEs Consortium

Virginia Watahomigie, executive director of the Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth, was presented with the Marcia Stanton Award on Dec. 16 by the Arizona ACEs Consortium at the 8th annual statewide ACEs summit.

The Arizona ACEs Consortium is a collaboration of more than one hundred individuals, state, county, private organizations and professionals from all walks of life, united by a desire to help Arizona’s children. It promotes a greater understanding of the impacts of toxic stress and trauma, and supports efforts to address and prevent them.

“The Marcia Stanton Award was established in 2018 and pays homage to the original leader of the ACEs movement, Marcia Stanton. It is awarded to an individual who displays a commitment, perseverance and dedication to spread the awareness of Adverse Childhood Experiences and someone that leads action in their community to decrease the prevalence and effect of ACEs on both children and adults,” said Angie Burleson, executive director of the consortium. “This Award honors excellence in leadership, collaboration and the advancement of the PACEs movement in AZ.

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Connections Spotlight — CCC&Y presents ‘Strengthening Families: Protective Factors’ and other no cost webinars

COCONINO COUNTY — The Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth has created a series of no cost webinars for professionals, parents and youth, to provide them skills that are needed now more than ever.

“Strengthening Families: Protective Factors —” We hosted this 1.5 hour webinar to ensure we look through a strength-based framework that is evidence-based, supports families and is prevention focused. This is for the community, as well as, professionals.

Claire Louge, Prevention Child Abuse Arizona

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Connections Spotlight — 2021 Festival of Science’s ‘The Science of Childhood Trauma and Why We Should Care’ presentation by CCC&Y’s now available online

The 2021 Flagstaff Festival of Science’s “The Science of Childhood Trauma and Why We Should Care” presentation by CCC&Y is now available online.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) have a large and costly impact on society. Fortunately, with all that we know about trauma and resilience, including the 50-year longitudinal study in Kauai and the groundbreaking ACEs study, we know there is much we can all do. Community awareness and knowledge are important to begin healing.

Join us for this Flagstaff Festival of Science event sponsored by the Coalition for Children & Youth.

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Connections Spotlight — Flagstaff Festival of Science returns with Science in the Park. More events scheduled this week

The 2021 Flagstaff Festival of Science kicked off this past Friday with the W. L. Gore Keynote Presentation: “When Stones Speak: Decoding the Messages Embedded in Ancient Maya Monuments” with Dr. Jaime Awe of Northern Arizona University.

That event was followed Snook’s Science in the Park, which featured local science and technology organizations with science experiments and demonstrations at Wheeler Park in downtown Flagstaff. The festival continues through Sunday, Sept. 26.

During the park event, youth had the opportunity to explore life-saving medical devices with innovators and engineers under the W. L. Gore & Associates tents, view the talented athletes from Momentum Aerial as they leap and spin above the ground, with young people exploring the world of magnets at the Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth tent.

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Connections Spotlight — Congratulations 2020/2021 Caring for Children Awardees

CCC&Y begins the second week of its conference which continues weekly through Sept. 8, 2021

The Coconino Coalition for Children & and Youth extends its congratulations 2020/2021 Caring for Children Awardees. They include Kailey Jensen of AZ127, Marcus Clanton of Victim Witness Services, Mark Cox of the Boys & Girls Club, Kelly Elliot of Big Brothers Big Sisters Flagstaff and Sharon Sifling of Coconino County.

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