“This training was truly amazing and can be used no matter your walk in life … I hope that everyone and anyone takes advantage of this presentation. It really can make a difference.”

(*Recommended prerequisite for Igniting Collective Action: Moving Beyond ACEs webinar in particular, but also for other trainings, is Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences: Hope in Resiliency)

Mindfulness for Professionals and Parents, an hour-long webinar that highlights the importance mindfulness holds for both individuals and for those we are working with. One participant said:

“Mindfulness is an important part of daily operations! We need to remember to take time for ourselves. I love the acronyms and will share with my NAU students!!!!” 

Mindfulness Challenge For Youth, a 45-minute webinar, empowers youth and young adults with information to grow, heal, thrive and/or otherwise flourish. We are also inviting youth to find ways to become a leader in our community.  Another participant shared their reaction to the webinar:

“The course was great and I feel like I learned insightful information that will help me in the near future.”