Self-Healing Communities with Kevin Campbell

Apr 24, 2021 | Webinars

We were joined by guests from all over the world for the recording of this webinar. As a testament to Kevin’s international work we had participants from England, Canada, the Netherlands, Belgium, Texas, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Arkansas, and of course, all over Arizona. This piece is an argument for moving away from treating individuals, community members and families as the “recipient” of services, from medicalizing unlivable lives, from not acknowledging systems of injustice and a move toward the scientifically-based call to action of participation, truth and community healing.

“This presentation is outstanding- thank you!” “Thank you for the space and conversation….this was excellent!”

“I love Kevin Campbell’s approach and how it’s backed by stacks of research. I enjoyed the way it was presented.”

“As someone that works for an Indigenous agency, I appreciated the perspective on moving towards a more Indigenous way of thinking for social services.”

“I’m still mad at COVID, but having the chance to attend this training from across the country was incredible. I value any chance to listen to Kevin speak and share, and I’m so grateful to CCC&Y for doing this!”

“I love how passionate Kevin is and how much knowledge he brings to his teachings”

“It was a paradigm-shifting presentation. It re-framed my thinking about serving families.”

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Self-Healing Communities Data: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation