CCC&Y Contributes to ‘2019 Town Hall Strong Families Thriving Children’ Report

Jun 17, 2019 | CCC&Y Info & Events

By the Arizona Town Hall 

The Arizona Town Hall has created the comprehensive report “Strong Families Thriving Children,” that discusses various aspects of family life including the systems that exist to support them, ways families can have more positive experiences, and some of the struggles families face that compromise their life experiences.

Arizona Town Hall officials expect the report to be used a resource on this topic for years to come.

Virginia Watahomigie, M.ADM, executive director of the Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth, contributed to the “Community Capacity” section that begins on page 84 of the report.

“Arizona nonprofit agencies play a crucial and cost-effective role in the state’s prevention strategies and response to child welfare issues. Generally, missions of nonprofit agencies are geared toward meeting the long-term needs of our children and families, making nonprofits a strong defense and response system for the needs of our communities,” Watahomigie reported.

“… This is an exciting time in Arizona because we are learning how to be a trauma informed state, we are reducing our numbers of foster children and we are assessing how to best provide child abuse and neglect prevention services, which will offer long-term savings. As we move forward with these exciting changes, we must remember that nonprofits, especially when supported through proper policy and practice, are an invaluable part of a strong, cost-effective, and outcome driven system of child welfare.

…Read the full report HERE