Connections Spotlight: CCC&Y to become a historical trauma certified agency

Jun 30, 2020 | CCC&Y Info & Events

By the Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth

CCC&Y has agreed to partner with Heal Historical Trauma to become a historical trauma certified agency, which will include providing training to the non-profit organization during a full day level-one certification program.

“The Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth is one of few organizations ready to declare their commitment to serving communities of color with such vigor and determination. It is with extreme pride and excitement that I welcome our partnership as we work as one to create a world filled with love and equity that honors diversity and embraces all colors, shades, races, ethnicities, levels of ability and gender fluidity,” said Iya Affo, founder of Heal Historic Trauma.

“CCC&Y has invested in training 100% of its board members, staff and volunteers and will be the first entity to receive the Organizational Historical Trauma Specialist designation,” said Affo, a culturalist and historic trauma specialist, who is also with Phoenix Rising in Residence (AZ). “We will work closely with CCC&Y to determine the organization’s goals with regard to equity and diversity. We will provide the organization specific in-depth training, relevant updates, coaching and annual recertification to include advancements in the area of diversity, inclusion, bias and holistic healing across the Social Ecological Model. Additionally, members of the CCC&Y community will receive a 20% discount* for level 1 training and will continue to receive discounts on future certifications, trainings and webinars.”

CCC&Y has a long history of bringing a diversity of voices to its conferences and other programs.

“We are excited to announce our investment, as an agency, in furthering our understanding of historical trauma which follows several years of discussion, acknowledgement and informed-healing in Coconino County,” said Virginia Watahomigie, CCC&Y’s executive director. “Along this journey, we have been privileged to welcome into our learning a host of educators and mentors. Among them, Billy Mills (National Hero and Gold Medal Olympian), Dr. Fredrick Gooding Jr. (NAU Ethnic Studies Professor and Author), Laura van Dernoot Lipsky (Founder and Director of The Trauma Stewardship Institute and Author), Dr. Pearl Yellowman (Navajo Nation Leader, Academic and Behavioral Health Specialist) and of course our ongoing partnership with Kevin Campbell (International Child Welfare expert and Justice Advocate). We are excited for our upcoming partnerships (postponed due to Covid) with both Deanna Singh (Author, TEDx speaker and Equity Advocate) and Dr. Sandra Solano (Physician and Healer).

“Following in this tradition of experts, we have heartfelt gratitude for our current partnership with Iya Affo. She is a remarkable woman living in her mission and purpose who will be able to support us as we continue to meet our mission: Igniting collective action to cultivate, honor & empower resilient, thriving communities. I feel honored and excited to be able to work with Iya in this capacity and to receive such support,” Watahomigie said.

“It has been a privilege to work with all of the amazing minds that have helped position CCC&Y on this trajectory over the years while gaining such momentum and support from the community and our members.  It is a blessing to be connected to you all.”

The upcoming Historical Trauma Specialist Certification- Level 1 training is designed for participants serving, leading, advocating and working with people of color. It is the perfect training for people in multicultural families and for anyone with the desire to understand the impact of slavery, genocide and colonization. The course dives deeply into the following topics: BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) Wellness, Historical Trauma, Epigenetics, discussion specific to Native American, African American, Mexican American and Jewish Holocaust tragedies, understanding the connection between BIPOC wellness, social determinants of health and structural racism. We will also look at holistic healing across the Social Ecological Model.

For more information about receiving Individual Certification or Organizational Certification: Register for Historical Trauma Specialist Certification- Level 1 (Individual Certification) August 20, 2020 training, CLICK HERE

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

* CCC&Y members can send an email to for more information on the 20% discount.
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