Connections Spotlight — CCC&Y receives capacity building grant from Vitalyst Health Foundation to help CCC&Y promote its impact, mission and vision

Jul 21, 2020 | CCC&Y Info & Events

By the Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth

CCC&Y has received a capacity building grant from Vitalyst Health Foundation to help CCC&Y to increase its capacity and effectiveness by telling its unique and authentic story.

“The Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth (CCC&Y) is a nonprofit organization that ignited collective action to cultivate, honor and empower resilient, thriving communities,”Vitalyst Health Foundation reported. “The vision of a holistic community where all children of Coconino County are increasingly free from the trauma experience and all have equitable opportunities that build resiliency aligns with the mission of Vitalyst in Access to Care and coordinated systems of care and Social & Cultural Cohesion and support services for mental health needs.” 

The grant will allow CCC&Y to work with Phoenix-based Javelina, an organization that helps clients create social, political and economic change through marketing and other strategies.

Vitalyst Health Foundation’s mission is “To Connect, Support and Inform Efforts to Improve the Health of Individuals and Communities in Arizona.”

“Igniting collective action and inspiring engagement of our community requires that CCC&Y utilize processes of continual growth and improvement,” said Virginia Watahomigie, executive director of CCC&Y.  “I am so thankful to Vitalyst for giving us an opportunity to work with such a skilled group as Javelina.  I know the finished product will be something that makes all of us in the CCC&Y community proud, and we will utilize these new resources for continued expansion of our mission.”