Connections Spotlight: Watch WEBINAR- Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences; Hope in Resiliency

May 12, 2020 | CCC&Y Info & Events

By the Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth

CCC&Y has created this hour-long webinar because the effects of childhood trauma play out both personally for individuals, but also, have tremendous costs for society.  There is so much that all of us can be doing to mitigate these outcomes.  There is no charge for this webinar, but we do ask that you consider sharing with others and complete the survey.

According to one participant: “Though I am familiar with the topic of ACES, each time I participate in training, I learn something new. Your model of ACES presented a light of hope with interventions that can occur at each level.” “It was a great training and I look forward to more in the future.” “I am recommending this training to several folks…” “Thank you for providing amazing webinars…” “Very good training.”

Click here or on image above to watch the webinar.

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