Connections Spotlight — CCC&Y presents free webinars on understanding how emotions impact adult and child relationships

Oct 10, 2023 | CCC&Y Info & Events

By the Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth

CCC&Y shares this free online opportunity to ease some of the daily stress during this busy time of year.

Motivated by a long wait list for behavioral health services, and aware of challenging adult and child emotions causing behavior difficulties, Bethany Camp put this two part training together for CCC&Y to help meeting a wide-spread community need.

First we learn to understand our emotions and then we can understand and respond to the big emotional responses of children.

Watch Webinar – Managing Adult Emotional Responses, Part One

Watch Webinar   Helping Children Manage Their Emotions, Part Two

These videos are meant to help support our community.  Having the tools to take care of ourselves and respond to children, is a great resource.

Bethany Camp, LCSW, Private Practice
Please share far and wide in our community- especially for those who parent, care give or work with children.
The  Coconino Coalition for Children and Youth wants to remind the community of our growing library of on-demand free webinars designed to help parents, caregivers and those serving children and youth in the region.
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